Labex EPIGENMED Montpellier, France

From genome and epigenome to molecular medicine

  • Place de la Comédie Montpellier

    A BioHealth research program selected by the French Ministry of Research and Education in the framework of the "Laboratoires d'Excellence" initiative.

    EpiGenMed wants to foster the best BioHealth basic and clinical research and to encourage interdisciplinary projects. The EpiGenMed project was selected by the French Ministry of Research and Education in the framework of the national "Investments for the Future" program in 2011. The project received 12 million euros in funding for a 10-year period, essentially devoted to science training through the recruitment of PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and Chairs of Excellence.

    EpiGenMed involves 58 of the best research groups in Montpellier, implicated in five areas of research that cover Genome and Epigenome Dynamics, Cell cycle, Cell fate and Development, Infectious diseases and Immunology, Cell signalling and Neurobiology, Biophysics and Systems biology. It is hosted by the University of Montpellier and national science institutions and benefits from an excellent industrial environment



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Labex EpiGenMed & Labex Numev & Grisbi Joint Meeting

Biophysics: Today and Beyond

The Physics of Unconventional Systems


organized by E. Margeat, G. Massiera, P.E. Milhiet, M. Nobili, J. Palmeri, A. Parmeggiani


Genopolys amphitheatre - Tuesday, April 3 until Thursday, April 5

On Tuesday evening and Wednesday noon there will be a buffet/poster sessions.


Labex EpiGenMed Labex Numev Grisbi Joint Meeting 2018

Invited speakers:


Chantal Abergel (IGS, Marseille)

Stephen Baghdiguian (ISEM, Montpellier)

Patricia Bassereau (Institut Curie, Paris)

Christophe Blanc (L2C, Montpellier)

Dieter Braun (LMU, Munich)
Jacques Colinge (IRCM, Montpellier)

Bertrand Fourcade (LiPhy, Grenoble)

Sébastien Granier (IGF, Montpellier)

Manoel Manghi (LPT, Toulouse)

Marcelo Nollmann (CBS, Montpellier)

Jacques Prost (Institut Curie, Paris)

Sergei Rochal (South Fed Univ, Rostov)


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Registration is free of charge, but mandatory, using the following link :

Registration before March 21, 2018:

The number of participants is 90 so register early!


For abstract submission for poster and oral communications, follow the link:
Deadline for registration and abstract submission is March 18th

We are looking forward to seeing you next April!


Ph.D. Program 2018




Affiche PhD 2018


The International EpiGenMed PhD program of the University of Montpellier is currently accepting applications for 3-year Ph.D positions to be started on October 1, 2018.


The Labex (Laboratory of Excellence) EpiGenMed is a Health Sciences collaborative research program at the University of Montpellier that is financed by the Excellence Initiative of the French Ministry of Research and that involves the leading research laboratories of 14 scientific institutes in the area. Five major axes of research involving 58 top-level research groups are supported by this initiative:



• Genome and Epigenome

• Cell Cycle, Cell Fate and Development

• Infection and Immunity

• Integrating Systems in Neuroscience

• Biophysics and Systems Biology



Read more about Ph.D. Program 2018

Montpellier is awarded the Label I-SITE


After a hearing before an international jury on February 21st, the project “Montpellier University of Excellence” (MUSE) was awarded the label Initiatives – Science – Innovation – Territoires – Economie” (I-SITE) established within the French program “Investissements d’Avenir”.


Read more: Montpellier is awarded the Label I-SITE

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