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RNA Biogenesis





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Our goals is to provide a better understanding of gene expression at the cellular level, with two lines of research:

1)-Imaging transcription and RNA processing in live cells.

RNA biogenesis is subject to many regulatory events, and defining the kinetic parameters of transcription and RNA processing becomes key to understand gene regulation. Over the past decade, we have developed fluorescent microscopy approaches to visualize single mRNPs in living cells (Fusco, 2003; Basyuk, 2003), and to quantitatively measure transcription and mRNA processing, including splicing (Boireau, 2007; Munoz, 2009; Schmidt, 2011). Our aim is to measure the activity of single molecules of RNA polymerase II on single copy genes in real-time. This will provide a detailled view of transcription initiation, elongation and RNA 3'-end processing, and will provide new mechanistic information on this fundamental step of gene expression.

2)-Understanding assembly of RNP particles.

Many non-coding RNA function as stable RNP particles. This requires dedicated machineries to assemble these RNPs and transport them to their site of function. We study these questions using snoRNPs as a model system. We discovered two key complexes, R2TP and CBCAP.

The R2TP is an HSP90 co-chaperone that assembles snoRNP and the three RNA polymerases, and thus the basic machineries of gene expression (Boulon, 2007, 2010). The R2TP appears to be a machinery specialized in the assembly of target complexes. Our aim is to characterize its mechanism of action and all its client complexes.

The CBCAP complex binds thousands of capped and abundant RNAs, and physically links the two ends of nascent RNA molecules by linking the cap to 3'-end processing machineries (Boulon 2004; Hallais, unpublished). Our aim is to characterize its cellular and molecular functions.

The R2TP and CBCAP complexes open new routes to understand RNA biogenesis and its link to cell growth and cancer.


Keywords: RNA processing, transcription, RNA trafficking, RNP assembly, live cell imaging



Main publications


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