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 Chromatin and DNA replication





 CRBM - UMR 5535

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Our group is interested in the mechanisms of chromatin patterns re-establishment after DNA replication. Despite important implications that chromatin reassembly has for our understanding of the role of chromatin in epigenetic phenomena, these processes have not yet been explored on a genomic scale, mainly due to the absence of appropriate high-throughput methods. We are using S.Cerevisiae as a model system for developing methods to map chromatin architecture dynamics following perturbations caused by the passage of the replication fork. We are following three principal axes of inquiry: 1) Heterochromatin inheritance-We are measuring turnover rates of the heterochromatic Sir complex before and after replication genome wide, thus directly testing whether the Sir proteins are maintained locally after replication as might be expected. 2) Tracking maternal nucleosomes at targeted genomic loci-We are developing a method to measure replication-mediated dispersion of maternal nucleosomes within defined chromatin domains, with the goal to better understand the epigenetic potential of nucleosomes. 3) Chromatin configuration re-establishment after DNA replication-In order to map changes in chromatin features, such as nucleosome positions and histone modifications, in the wake of the replication fork, we are developing a method for isolating chromatin assembled on newly replicated DNA.



Keywords: chromatin, genomics, DNA replication, epigenetics, yeast



Main publications :

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