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Axis 2


Axis 2: Cell Cycle, Cell Fate and Development

Leaders: Simonetta Piatti and Martine Simonelig

The obvious connections between cell cycle and tumour progression have been largely explored during the past 30 years, providing the bases for the design of effective therapeutic strategies. It is now becoming increasingly clear that regulation of the core cell cycle machinery has a key role also in cell differentiation and metazoan development.

Besides responding to external stimuli, such as nutrition, cell cycle regulators can themselves influence metabolic processes, which makes them potential therapeutic targets also for metabolic disorders, such as obesity and diabetes.

Goal of this axis is to uncover the molecular mechanisms at the heart of cell cycle and development using a multidisciplinary and multitask approach, with the future perspective to identify new prognostic markers and potential therapeutic targets for the cure of cancer, developmental and metabolic diseases.



Self-renewal and differentiation of epithelia




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Retroviruses, Envelopes and Metabolic Markers







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