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Study of mechanisms which control the mitosis entry and progress

 altThierry LORCA and Anna CASTRO


 CRBM - UMR 5237

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To date, it was assumed that protein phosphorylation/dephosphoryaltion required for mitotic entry/exit was the direct consequence of the activation/inactivation of the mitotic kinase cyclin B-Cdk1. Our laboratory has recently demonstrated that besides cyclin B-Cdk1, the phosphatase PP2A must be also tightly regulated to promote a correct mitosis. Our results show that the Greatwall kinase (Gwl) promotes mitotic entry by inhibiting PP2A, the phosphatase that dephosphorylates cyclin B-Cdk1 substrates. Little is known about the mechanisms controlling Gwl activity and about the substrates of this kinase. We have recently characterized Arpp19 and ENSA as the two first substrates of Gwl that, once phosphorylated by this kinase, bind and inhibit PP2A. However, only Arpp19 is required for mitosis. By using two different models Xenopus egg extracts and human cells in culture we will study the mechanisms controlling Gwl and Arpp19 activities during mitosis. Either the regulation of these two proteins by post-translational modifications or by protein-protein interaction will be tested. We will also address the identification of the role of ENSA during cell cycle. Finally we will investigate whether a miss-regulation of this pathway can be involved in tumorogenesis.


Keywords: Greatwall, Arpp19, ENSA, PP2A, Mitosis



Main publications

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          * Co-corresponding authors.

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