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Axis 3


Axis 3: Infection and Immunity

Leaders: Monsef Benkirane and Naomi Taylor


The goal of Infection and Immunity axis is to elucidate the intimate host-pathogen interactions occurring during the pathogen life cycle and to investigate unconventional pathways/approaches that will ultimately lead to optimal immune responses against invading pathogens. We aim at:

1- Better understand the strategies used by pathogens to invade and to survive within organisms and cells; these include cell recognition, adherence of cell surfaces and intercellular bridging

2- Unravel pathogen strategies for spreading throughout the organism

3- Identify host defenses against pathogens with a particular emphasis on metabolic alterations

4-Enhance adaptive and memory immune responses to pathogens, with a specific interest in clinically relevant cytokine therapies and strategies aimed at modulating antigen presenting cells (DC)

5- Further the elucidation of host-pathogen molecular interactions to identify new vulnerabilities of the pathogen

6- Characterize the variability of pathogen diversity and resistance in order to explore the possible functional consequences on the host genome

Operational Research on AIDS and Infectious Diseases







TransVIHMI - UMI 223

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Genetic diversity of HIV/SIV and emerging infections






TransVIHMI - UMI 223

911, avenue Agropolis, 34396 Montpellier


Phone: +33 4 67 41 62 97


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