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Autophagy and Infections





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The team was the first to describe that HIV envelope-mediated apoptosis of the uninfected CD4 T cells, a key feature of HIV-1 pathogenesis, depends on autophagy. The main objective is now to study the relationship between HIV-1 and autophagy and can be delineated into two main parts:

- Mechanisms triggered in the uninfected CD4 T cells inducing autophagy, and then apoptosis. These data will be of great importance to understand the mechanisms leading to immunodeficiency during HIV-1 infection.

- Role of autophagy during HIV-1 replication and mechanisms by which HIV-1 modulates this process in infected cells. We are studying the interactions that exist between autophagic and HIV-1 proteins in both HIV-1-infected CD4 T cells and macrophages. The aim of this axe is to determine the strategies developed by HIV-1 to hijack autophagy for its own replication and thus to provide new insights into therapeutic strategies for the future.


Keywords: Autophagy, HIV-1, Apoptosis, Innate immunity



Main publications

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