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Pathogenesis and control of chronic infections



 Philippe VAN DE PERRE


 PCCI - UMR 1058

 60 rue de Navacelles, 34394 Montpellier


Phone: +33 4 34 35 91 11







UMR 1058 is a multidisplinary research unit with researchers from the:

-        Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM)

-        Université de Montpellier (UM)

-        Etablissement Français du Sang (EFS)

-        CHU de Montpellier (Montpellier University Hospital, France)


It is one of the very few in France and Europe to be fully dedicated to persistent infectious agents.  Their expertise in the infection research domain enables UMR 1058 to carry out translational research on HIV transmission and associated chronic infections from the fundamental to the clinical phase.  The unit is involved in national projects with regional hospitals and international projects with developing countries in the south (Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia).

There are two teams and they work in close collaboration with each other to develop innovative diagnostic concepts and new approaches in prevention and healthcare by exploring the pathogenesis.

·       Team 1 : Diagnostic and Therapeutic Innovation (Team leaders: C. Fournier-Wirth et E. Tuaillon)

·       Team 2: Pathogenesis and  new approaches in prevention and care (Team leader: N. Nagot)


It  also hosts two start-up companies OMUNIS (managed by P-A. Rubbo) and PAN-VIR Therapeutics (managed by J-M. Jacqué).

UMR 1058 has obtained support and fundings from ANRS, ANR, European Union (EDCTP, FP7), NIH/NIDA and several foundations.


Keywords: chronic infections, diagnosis, pathogenesis, prevention, care



Main publications


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  • Low AJ, Nagot N, Weiss HA, Konate I, Kania D, Segondy M, Meda N, Van de Perre P, Mayaud P. Herpes simplex virus type-2 (HSV-2) cervico-vaginal shedding among women living with HIV-1 on antiretroviral therapy in Burkina Faso: an 8-year longitudinal study. J Infect Dis 2016; 213: 731-7.
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  • Sanosyan A, Rutagwera D, Moles JP, Bolloré K, Periès M, Kankasa C, Mwiya M, Tylleskär T, Nagot N, Van de Perre P, Tuaillon E for  the ANRS 12174 Trial Group. Increased Epstein-Barr virus in breast milk occurs with subclinical mastitis and HIV shedding. Medicine 2016, in press.
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