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Cell Cycle Clock Genomics (C3G)



 Frédéric BIENVENU


 IGF - UMR 5203/U 661

 141, rue de la Cardonille, 34396 Montpellier


Phone:+33 4 34 35 93 17







Thanks to genetically modified mice models, we perform high throughput proteomics directly from mice tissues and isolate interactions involving Cyclin D1 in vivo. This approach also opens new avenues of research to perform genome-wide studies in any body compartment and at any developmental or pathological stage. We use this innovative setting for theranostic applications within the well documented field of cell cycle and cyclins and gauge the value of targeting cyclin D1 transcriptional activity to block cancer progression in breast and cerebellum. Second we determine the biological limitations for breast feeding and cerebellum growth of such therapeutics based on cyclin D1 inhibition. Third we transfer this technology to models of neuronal death, where the exploration on the role of D-cyclins in the survival of adult neurons is a virgin field. Fourth, we aim at isolating new drugs of potential value against breast cancer, medulloblastoma or Parkinson. And then fifth, we try to develop a new protocol using this genetic tool to highlight transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms involved in the etiology of cancer or Parkinson. The overall objective of our research activity is to shed light on the inner cell cycle clock balance between proliferation, survival and death of specialized cells via G1 Cyclins. The understanding of this process, altered one way in cancer formation and the other way round in neurodegenerative diseases, will lead to the discovery of new bio-markers of potential diagnosis, prognosis and custom therapeutic value.


Keywords: Cancer, Parkinson, D-type Cyclins, Genomics, Proteomics



Main publications

  • 2015, Alexandre Zampieri, Julien Champagne, Baptiste Auzemery, Ivanna Fuentes, Benjamin Maurel, and Frédéric Bienvenu. Hyper sensitive protein detection by Tandem-HTRF reveals Cyclin D1 dynamics in adult mouse. Sci. Rep. 5, 15739; doi: 10.1038/srep15739 (2015).
  • 2011, Junko Odajima, Zachary P. Wills, Yasmine M. Ndassa, Miho Terunuma, Karla Kretschmannova, Tarek Z. Deeb, Yan Geng, Sylwia Gawrzak, Isabel M. Quadros, Jennifer Newman, Manjusri Das, Marie E. Jecrois, Qunyan Yu, Na Li, Frederic Bienvenu, Stephen J. Moss, Michael E. Greenberg, Jarrod A. Marto, Piotr Sicinski Cyclin E. Constrains Cdk5 Activity to Regulate Synaptic Plasticity and Memory Formation Dev. Cell. Oct 18;21(4):655-68.
  • 2011, Jirawatnotai S, Hu Y, Michowski W, Elias JE, Becks L, Bienvenu F, Zagozdzon A, Goswami T, Wang YE, Clark AB, Kunkel TA, van Harn T, Xia B, Correll M, Quackenbush J, Livingston DM, Gygi SP, Sicinski P. A function for cyclin D1 in DNA repair uncovered by protein interactome analyses in human cancers. Nature. 2011 Jun 8;474(7350):230-4.
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  • 2002, Giraud S., Bienvenu F., Avril S., Gascan H., Heery D. M., and O. Coqueret. Functional Interaction of STAT3 Transcription Factor with the Coactivator NcoA/SRC1a. J. Biol. Chem. 2002. 277 (10) : 8004-8011.
  • 2001, Bienvenu, F., Gascan, H. and O. Coqueret. Direct Repression of STAT3 Transcriptional Activation by Cyclin D1 Through a Cdk4-Independent Mechanism. J Biol Chem. 2001. 276(20):16840-16847


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