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Fast nerve conduction requires neurons to be wrapped by myelinating cells. This myelination process is the result of an intimate collaboration between both cell types. The importance of myelination is underlined by the numerous acquired and inherited neuropathies such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth diseases or multiple sclerosis that result from the loss of the myelin sheath.

Our goal is to understand the molecular basis of myelination and demyelination processes both in myelinating cells and axons and to investigate how these molecular pathways could be involved in the aetiology of demyelinating neuropathies.


Keywords : myelin, Schwann cells, cell polarity, viral vector, gene therapy



Main publications

  • Bartolami S, Tricaud N. More myelin is not necessarily good. Med Sci (Paris). 28(4):341-3 (2012).
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  • Cotter L, Özçelik M, Jacob C, Pereira J.A, Locher V, Baumann R, Relvas J.B, Suter U and Tricaud N. Dlg1-PTEN Interaction Regulates Myelin Thickness to Prevent Damaging Peripheral Nerve Overmyelination. Science 268:1415-18 (2010).
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