Parent Category: Laboratoires Published: Friday, 17 February 2012

 Structure and Dynamics of nucleoproteic and membrane assemblies



Margeat Pierre-Emmanuel MILHIET and Emmanuel MARGEAT


 CBS - UMR 5048/U 1054

 29, rue de Navacelles, 34090 Montpellier


Phone: +33 4 67 41 79 17 / +33 4 67 41 79 06







The Team « Structural Dynamics of nucleoproteic and membrane assemblies » gathers people around two main themes interests and shared biophysical technologies.
Theme 1 - Structure and dynamics of biological membranes and their components. We are especially interested in the structural dynamics of GPCR (Emmanuel Margeat), the organization of biological membranes into microdomains (Christine Bénistant and Pierre-Emmanuel Milhiet) and the structural and dynamics of the nuclear envelope (Christine Doucet) in eukaryotes.
Team 2 - Control of genetic expression. Emmanuel Margeat and Nathalie Declerck are investigating the mechanisms of prokaryotic transcription termination (intrisic and Rho-induced termination, anti-termination proteins) and transcription regulation, from single molecules to bacterial cells.
An important component of our research involves methodological developments in order to maintain the state-of-the-art for the various single molecule approaches (Atomic Force Microscopy, advanced fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy approaches at the single molecule level, including FRET, tracking, and fluctuation techniques.


Keywords: single molecule, fluorescence, AFM, GPCR, tetraspanin, microdomain, transcription, nuclear envelope.



Main publications

  • Plasmonic Nanoantennas Enable Forbidden Förster Dipole-Dipole Energy Transfer and Enhance the FRET Efficiency. de Torres J, Mivelle M, Moparthi SB, Rigneault H, Van Hulst NF, García-Parajó MF, Margeat E, Wenger J. Nano Lett. 2016 Oct 12;16(10):6222-6230.
  • TOM1L1 drives membrane delivery of MT1-MMP to promote ERBB2-induced breast cancer cell invasion. Chevalier C, Collin G, Descamps S, Touaitahuata H, Simon V, Reymond N, Fernandez L, Milhiet PE, Georget V, Urbach S, Lasorsa L, Orsetti B, Boissière-Michot F, Lopez-Crapez E, Theillet C, Roche S, Benistant C. Nat Commun. 2016 Feb 22;7:10765.
  • Imaging HIV-1 RNA dimerization in cells by multicolor super-resolution and fluctuation microscopies. Ferrer M, Clerté C, Chamontin C, Basyuk E, Lainé S, Hottin J, Bertrand E, Margeat E, Mougel M. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Sep 19;44(16):7922-34.
  • Automatic detection of diffusion modes within biological membranes using back-propagation neural network. Dosset P, Rassam P, Fernandez L, Espenel C, Rubinstein E, Margeat E, Milhiet PE. BMC Bioinformatics. 2016 May 4;17(1):197.
  • TspanC8 tetraspanins differentially regulate the cleavage of ADAM10 substrates, Notch activation and ADAM10 membrane compartmentalization. Jouannet S, Saint-Pol J, Fernandez L, Nguyen V, Charrin S, Boucheix C, Brou C, Milhiet PE, Rubinstein E. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2016 May;73(9):1895-915.
  • Direct observation of the translocation mechanism of transcription termination factor Rho. Gocheva V, Le Gall A, Boudvillain M, Margeat E, Nollmann M. Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 Feb 27;43(4):2367-77.
  • HIV-1 nucleocapsid and ESCRT-component Tsg101 interplay prevents HIV from turning into a DNA-containing virus. Chamontin C, Rassam P, Ferrer M, Racine PJ, Neyret A, Lainé S, Milhiet PE, Mougel M. Nucleic Acids Res. 2015 Jan;43(1):336-47.
  • Fine tuning of sub-millisecond conformational dynamics controls metabotropic glutamate receptors agonist efficacy. Olofsson L, Felekyan S, Doumazane E, Scholler P, Fabre L, Zwier JM, Rondard P, Seidel CA, Pin JP, Margeat E. Nat Commun. 2014 Oct 17;5:5206.
  • Mimicking influenza virus fusion using supported lipid bilayers. Godefroy C, Dahmane S, Dosset P, Adam O, Nicolai MC, Ronzon F, Milhiet PE. Langmuir. 2014 Sep 30;30(38):11394-400.
  • SpoIIIE mechanism of directional translocation involves target search coupled to sequence-dependent motor stimulation. Cattoni DI, Chara O, Godefroy C, Margeat E, Trigueros S, Milhiet PE, Nöllmann M. EMBO Rep. 2013 May;14(5):473-9.

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