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Mechanisms of DNA segregation and remodelling




 CBS - UMR 5048/U 1054

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Our group investigates the mechanisms by which DNA is organized and segregated in the cell by novel, state-of-the-art single-molecule and super-resolution methodologies. Specifically, we are interested in the segregation of DNA during bacterial cell division and in the mechanisms involved in higher-order organization of bacterial and eukaryotic chromosomes.
Sporulation is a developmental process triggered by adverse external conditions. During sporulation, a special type of cell division takes place, in which cells divide asymmetrically and segregate their entire genome into a small cellular compartment (forespore). This process involves the DNA translocase SpoIIIE, a AAA+ motor protein that assembles at the sporulation septum and rapidly translocates the chromosome (~3 Mbp) from the mother cell into the forespore by using the energy of ATP hydrolysis (Ptacin et al., 2008). SpoIIIE is closely related to the Escherichia coli (E.coli) DNA translocase FtsK, a motor that coordinates chromosome segregation and cell division by transferring chromosomal DNA between daughter cells (Ptacin et al., 2006). Recently, we showed that: (1) the mechanism of SRS recognition by SpoIIIE relies on a process involving passive diffusion and target motor activation (Cattoni, et al. 2013a, Cattoni, et al. 2013b); (2) SpoIIIE is part of the vegetative and sporulation division machinery and packages DNA through a pre-formed aqueous channel traversing the sporulation septum (Fiche, et al., 2013; Cattoni, et al. 2012).
In addition, we are investigating the organization of the bacterial and eukaryotic genomes in model bacteria and Drosophila by using super-resolution and advanced microscopies.


Keywords: Chromosome, bacterial division, nuclear organization, single-molecule, super-resolution



 Main publications :


  • Bacterial partition complexes segregate within the volume of the nucleoid.​ Antoine Le Gall, Diego I. Cattoni, Baptiste Guilhas, Céline Mathieu-Demazière, Laura Oudjedi, Jean-Bernard Fiche, Jérôme Rech, Sara Abrahamsson, Heath Murray, Jean-Yves Bouet, Marcelo Nollmann. Nature Communications, in press.
  • Astigmatic multifocus microscopy enables deep 3D super-resolved imaging. Laura Oudjedi, Jean-Bernard Fiche, Sara Abrahamsson, Laurent Mazenq, Aurélie Lecestre, Pierre-François Calmon, Aline Cerf, and Marcelo Nöllmann. Biomedical Optics Express, 2016, in press.
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  • Stochastic Self-Assembly of ParB Proteins Builds the Bacterial DNA Segregation Apparatus Aurore Sanchez, Diego I. Cattoni, Jean-Charles Walter, Jerome Rech, Andrea Parmeggiani, Marcelo Nollmann, and Jean-Yves Bouet Cell Systems 1(2): 163-73, 26 August 2015.
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