Labex EPIGENMED Montpellier, France

From genome and epigenome to molecular medicine

Labex Installation and Advanced Grants


In 2016 the Labex EpiGenMed decided to launch a program entitled “Labex EpiGenMed Grants” in order to attract high-level international researchers to Montpellier. Those researchers need to have experience in research management, and should come from abroad or from a French region other than Occitanie.
These Labex EpiGenMed Grants are a newly-created source of funding, in addition to the existing “Chairs of Excellence”, which were already established within the context of the Labex for professors engaged by the University of Montpellier.
Labex EpiGenMed Grants are especially conceived to receive candidates in Montpellier’s major existing research structures. Candidates are offered significant financial support to enable them to rapidly attain success in their research projects.

Labex EpiGenMed Grants are subdivided into “Labex EpiGenMed Installation Grants” and “Labex EpiGenMed Advanced Grants”.

Installation Grants:


Advanced Grants: