Postdoctoral Program 2019

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Poster postdoctoral campaign 2019The Labex (Laboratory of Excellence) EpiGenMed is a Health Sciences interdisciplinary collaborative research program at the University of Montpellier that involves 58 leading research laboratories in 14 scientific institutes in the area.

Five major axes of research are supported by this initiative:

  • Genome and Epigenome
  • Cell Cycle, Cell Fate and Development
  • Infection and immunity
  • Integrating Systems in Neuroscience
  • Biophysics and Systems Biology

The EpiGenMed post-doctoral program 2019 offers several fellowships for a period of 2 years (1 year renewable).
The EpiGenMed research group leaders will select their candidate who has to be validated by the Labex EpiGenMed Scientific Committee.
Applications should be send directly to the following team leaders.



Post-doctoral research positions in the following laboratories:


Please click on the lab to get to know more about the project and for contact information

Anna CASTRO/Thierry LORCA, CRBM: Controlling mitotic entry and progression. (position no longer available)

Domenico MAIORANO, IGH: Genome Surveillance and Stability. (position no longer available)

Philippe MARIN, IGF: Neuroproteomics and signaling of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Pierre-Emmanuel MILHIET/Emmanuel MARGEAT: Structure and dynamics of nucleoproteic and membrane assemblies. (position no longer available)

Simonetta PIATTI, CRBM: Mitotic regulation of chromosome partitioning and cell division. (position no longer available)

Jean-Philippe PIN, IGF: Neuroreceptors, dynamics and function. (position no longer available)

Nicolas TRICAUD, INM: Molecular mechanisms of myelination/demyelination and therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. (position no longer available)

Dimitris XIRODIMAS, CRBM: Ubiquitin-like molecules and cell growth regulation. (position no longer available)

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